Sunday, July 30, 2006

Homeless dogs

There are probably as many homeless dogs in Nizhny Novgorod as there are cats. Cats are favored by Russian grandmothers and you will often see bowls of cooked cereal, fish heads food scraps and whatever, left out for cats to eat.

Homeless dogs don't get as much sympathy. They tend to run in packs and are a public nuisance. I saw one pack which would have attacked a small child if the parents hadn't been watching. It is a sad fact also that homeless dogs often hunt, kill and eat homeless cats here.

Despite this we are sympathetic to their plight. Here a a few photos of some dogs we regularly see close to our apartment.

Recently, when we were walking home, we had a small bag of dogfood with us. We came across another dog which runs in this same dog pack. She was really thin and looked as if she were starving. We opened the bag a dogfood and poured it out for her. She walked up to it, sniffed it, turned her nose in the air and walked away! Hopefully some other deserving dog got the meal instead.

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