Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Nizhny Novgorod Street Cats

There is a shelter for homeless dogs and cats in Nizhny Novgorod. We don't know much about it. The people from the shelter often have a few animals on display on Bolshaya Provkrovka, which is a tourist walking street in the center of town. They collect money and we stop to see the cats and dogs and to donate a few rubles. Unfortunately, the cats and dogs are often very thirsty as the people don't have proper bowls of water for them, even in the summer.

Here is Mike petting one of the kittens. The girl wasn't nearly as friendly as the kitten, despite the donation.

Here is their typical display of homeless animals. They also have a German shepherd (a dog, not a shepherd from Germany ;-) ), who walks down the street holding the handle of a small plastic bucket in his mouth as he seeks donations.

Below is a really friendly and pretty cat we met on a walk one day. She seemed well fed.

The next two photos are of another cat. She probably lives in the building she is standing in front of, but she may be homeless.

We met this cat the same day. She was very hungry and looked like a street cat.

The next three photos are not actually in Nizhny Novgorod. They are from a trip that Mike took to attend a conference in a small tourist town called Loo, in southwest Russia in the coast of the Black Sea. This cat lived in an open air restaurant. She was very freindly and very hungry. Mike shared his meal with her every time he went to eat. There was another cat there who was very skinny, sick and probably infested with mites.

This last picture is of a feral cat which lives in a ravine which we cross when we walk to our freind Olga's apartment. We tried to feed this cat but it was too wild. The cat is dificult to see in the photo, but it is black and in the center of the photo, hidden in the weeds.

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