Saturday, January 27, 2007

Bus Station Cats

Whenever you are in a bus station or train station in Russia you are bound to see at least one cat. These are feral cats which are allowed to live in the buildings and are used for pest control. They are usually fed by the workers in the building and often you see them with new litters of kittens.

The first two photos are of a really sweet cat that we met in one of the Nizhny Novgorod regional bus stations. She was good natured but dirty. As she shyly worked her way up from the floor, to the bench next to Karen and gradually onto Karen's lap, Karen didn't have the heart to reject the request for attention. What's a little mud on your clothes when someone needs love?

The next photos were taken in the Train.Bus station in the town of Zavolzha. We had arrived at the station by bus in the late morning, and we were waiting for a friend to meet us when we saw these nice but shy cats.
This pretty kitty was resident rodent control at the city House of Culture where we hosted some First Nations American Cultural Concerts. She was happy to get attention from anyone who would take the time.

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Mary said...

I've enjoyed reading your blogs about life in Russia. I am an avid animal lover with 2 dogs and 1 cat. It was amazing to see Siamese kitties in your blog. I am praying about taking a short mission trip to Russia in the fall. I would like to help with orphans or children living on the street. I used to have a penpal in St. Peterburg but lost touch with her. I am looking into YWAM and other groups to see what I could do.